Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please Ignore...

...my earlier ravings. I've been home sick and sleeping all day, and it's quite possible I was a bit feverish when I posted early this morning.


  1. Feverish ravings can be a good read too.

  2. JB's posted while drunk and ranted while feverish.

    Can't say I've noticed any difference from his regular posts.

  3. It was a good post.

    Your analysis of most teams was spot-on.

    It is fun to imagine a Seahawks-Steelers Super Bowl rematch, but that was the feverish part.

    As much as I love them, the Seahawks are, at this point, the team least likely to reach the Super Bowl.

    As a coach, I encouraged my players to focus solely on the upcoming contest. I tend to take that approach as a fan, too. This week, I'm dreaming of a defeating the Bears in the divisional round. If we win, I'll start thinking about the conference championship. And if we win the conference, I'll begin to contemplate the Super Bowl.