Friday, January 14, 2011

Blessed Coffee

I have been pretty much flat-on-my-back since Tuesday...which has hurt all the more because in addition to a nasty cold, I've been fighting a muscle spasm that has been flaring up and causing me exquisite pain. And all the Nyquil in the world won't help that.

[well, maybe ALL the Nyquil in the world would. Nyquil needs to change their slogan to: "Nyquil: we hammer you unconscious faster than a shaker of gin martinis!"]

Anyway, I was trying to go easy on my food intake over the last couple days (except that damn burger Tuesday night...that's what really set me off) and that means no coffee/caffeine.

I forgot how addicted to the stuff I am.

This morning, after a single mug of the stuff I'm starting to feel human again...well, except for the back. But while I got up feeling sick with cold and sniffles, it only took a few sips of the good stuff to clear my sinuses. As I type this I haven't had a single sniffle for more than an hour.

Fantastic stuff coffee.

Still need to stay hydrated and eat more fruit, but hopefully I'll be in a position to post more later. Sorry about the lag...hope folks have been having a good week!


  1. You live in Seattle and you avoid coffee?!

    Isn't that, like, illegal?

    PS- Let's see a post about the new zodiac calendar! Am I not a Leo anymore? ;-)

  2. Hey JB: Just popped in to wish you well.

  3. Sounds like a better week than you. Also, is blessed coffee made with holy water?

  4. I believe large doses (800mg) of ibuprofen a few times a day is the recommended approach for muscle spasms/crippling back pains. Though that's hard on the stomach if you're not eating much.

  5. get well in time for the bears game! :)

  6. I could not survive without that black bitter life giver.

    Glad you're on the road to recovery!

  7. @ Everyone: thanks for the well wishes.

    @ Bighara: Anyone who does a video blog is a Big Phat Leo in my book. Jeez!
    ; )