Friday, January 7, 2011

Artistic Exploitation

While I'm not quite ready to start accepting artwork submissions for my un-named "space game," I DO want compile a list of interested persons wanting to contribute. Here are the specifics:

- At this time, the presumption is the game will be in a similar format to my B/X Companion; i.e. 64 pages, black & white interior, full color cover.

- The Companion had 27 illustrations, plus the cover leaf, plus the cover. Over-all, that's not a whole lot of room for drawings and it's quite possible the new game will have LESS room, depending on how good I am at stream-lining the rules. That means there ain't a whole lot of room for artists, so get on the boat now if interested.

- Payment: I feel a little bad about not paying anyone anything for the last project; though not TOO bad (it's not like I took a trip to Hawaii with the profits!). Still, I understand some folks would prefer to be paid for their work in cash rather than free product. Last time, I gave a book to anyone who had at least three submissions accepted. This time, I'm thinking $5-10 per submission, based on size of illustration OR a free book with three to four decent-sized pieces. This is for the interior B&W pieces only; anyone interested in doing the cover leaf (also black & white but expected to be friggin' awesome) or the color cover can negotiate with me via email. However, my budget IS limited (there ain't going to be any "pre-order" on this thing).

- Artwork must be original and not-previously-used-or-sold. You retain the rights to your artwork and are free to re-sell it once the book comes out; I get to use it in my book without anyone complaining or hitting me with a lawsuit.

- Stylistically sound: all artwork should be "serious" in tone, though you might change my mind with a particularly cool piece. Spacecraft, aliens, robots, adventurers, weird tech, planets, ship battles or "scenes" - all are fair game. If your specialty is in fantasy work rather than SciFi, you may STILL want to submit stuff...antenna-ed Amazons with spears mounted on bipedal lizards in a jungle setting might be perfectly suitable for some planets. This is a "space opera" game after all, not hard SciFi. On the other hand, I don't want any damn "cat people." Period.

- Lastly, I don't want ANY submissions yet. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please email me at my contact email address. Once the book is complete, I will contact the people who are interested, and put out another submission request here at the blog. Again, if you are interested in doing the FULL COLOR COVER or B&W COVER LEAF please state your interest in the email. Right now, I don't have an idea for what I want these to look like; if YOU have an idea, please feel free to bounce the idea off me.

All right...back to work.
: )