Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Morning Updates

Ugh. Day old rice pudding...pretty pathetic stuff, even heated up. The wife told me not to eat it (she said it didn't turn out right), but it's still carbs. And I need some energy...I've got a busy day a head of me.

Last night I went into our Thursday night game mostly unprepared (well, I had a couple D&D scenarios but I didn't have "back-up scenarios" for other games I brought). It went fairly well, and set up a nice little game for next week (when I hope to have more people back)...but last night was a missed opportunity that I'm lamenting a bit this morning.

I got a request to play my space game.

Now, of course, several of my players read the blog (though they're polite enough not to start any heated discussions on the topics posted here) so I should have figured there might be at least a little interest in the game I've been discussing in roundabout fashion lately...curiosity if nothing else. These cats at the Baranof table are a fairly eclectic bunch (in the past I've had the misfortune to run into players who were solely devoted to one game or another to the point of not be willing to TRY anything new). If I needed 'em I have several ready and willing play-testers at hand.

But I was unprepared to field such a request. I've got no "quick start" version of the game, no player introductions, no print-outs of any type. The game even has the stuff for "instant adventure creation" so it's possible I could have put something together on the fly...but my NPC/monster section isn't even close to being completed. And as I said, everything's still on the computer (well, flash drive actually) and I don't bring a laptop to my Thursday night games.

[Bleah! The rice pudding is terrible! There should not be "crunchy chunks!"]

So today, I'm going to try to put together some stuff for the "space game" (yes, it has a name...I'm just not ready to reveal it yet). I have a lot of other chores to do around the house as well...but I won't bore you with THOSE details. Right now, I'm heading off to the bank, post office, and coffee shop. Got to get something to wash these carbs down with!

I'll post more later. I wrote a little something about Buddhism in Space and such (a SciFi follow up to my last post), but it's a little long and I want to look it over once before I post it.



  1. There is no room for crunchiness in rice pudding!

  2. @ Everyone: My wife has now outlawed me talking about her rice cooking ability.
    : )