Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Apparently...

...I've decided it's time I bite the bullet and start running a game down at the local game shop.

That would be Gary's Games in Greenwood (Seattle). I mean, it must be happening right? They put a blurb on their facebook page (with a "more info forthcoming" note).

Since I'm seriously, deeply considering hitting the Dragonflight XXXI convention in Bellevue this August, I figure I should get some practice running games for complete strangers. Gary's has the open table and I've got to knock the rust off my DMing's been a loooong time since I ran a game for more than 2-3 people (like, um...15 years? and that wasn't even D&D). This will be MY game of choice (B/X D&D) with a mid-level range (6-8). I've even got the adventure lined up (and, no, it's NOT the Isle of Dread).

So, yeah...need to get up the notice, need to get the pre-gens generated, need to get the dungeon stocked & modified...and we'll see who we get to show up on a Sunday afternoon (not week).

Jesus...the thought of it actually scares me.

Wish me luck, folks.
; )

[by the other news, I may have found me a printer who can under-cut the folks I WAS going to go they're a local company, thank goodness. I should hear back by Wednesday or so, but the book might be ready within the next couple weeks...hope, hope!]


  1. Rock on! And good luck. I'm worried about what my DMing'll be like with just a year and a half off from it.

  2. Having just started back behind the screen myself, I can say it's not too hard getting back to it. Just like working on an old bike or car, if you do a little prep work, the rust comes right off. Good luck!

  3. Good luck.

    Dragonflight. Bellevue. August.

    Hmmm. I need to look into this.

  4. You can do it! I bet you will soon discover you are a better DM now than you were years ago. A little life experience has a way of enhancing that!

  5. re: B/X Companion. I'm quite certain you've heard this but please allow me to add my voice to those looking with great anticipation to the release of the companion. How wonderful it will be to write B/X/C when referencing the collective work! Don't hurry, though; take your time and get it the way you want it. I, and my money, will be here when they start rolling off the press.

  6. @ Everyone...thanks for the good wishes. I'm now committed to showing up next Sunday, dice in hand (see today's post).

    @ DuBeers: Oh, man...I don't think you'll be disappointed (I know I'm not!).
    ; )