Sunday, July 11, 2010

Damn Netherlands...Again?

Congrats to Spain for winning the 2010 World Cup...not the team I was rooting for but I have no great love for the Clockwork Orange (would've been nice to finally get that monkey off their back, but I'm sure a Dutch win would have triggered mixed emotions in South Africa).

Four years till the next World Cup. Thank God...I need a break from the television set!!!
: )


  1. Well, they deserved it this time, as they were cheating from the moment they stepped on the pitch. I'm much more well-disposed to the Dutch over the Spanish, but I can't abide foul play.

  2. @ Kelvin: Who can?

    The Dutch were certainly looking rowdy out there today, and I think the officiating was fairly good as far as the cards given (the De Jong kick to the chest should have been a red, though). Espana definitely played with more poise over-all.

  3. Kind of an anti-climax (aside from Hong Kong de Jong). I think we would have had a much better game if Germany had made it in, but I know what you mean about TV-fatigue. Lord knows that my kids are glad the damn thing is over.