Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Punch It!"

That's what my wife tells me when I'm riding too slow on the bicycle and she wants me to go faster.

Inspired by that, and Mad Max (all this post-apocalyptic discussion), and the opening theme to Knight Rider (recently viewed via streaming Netflix), Car Wars Deluxe, AND the title to the RPG Atomic Highway...well, I decided to write up a new one-page micro-game. You can download the .pdf here:

I got to thinking a couple days ago why not just write up an RPG that takes place almost entirely in one's car? After all, these PA "road warrior" is a tried-and-true cliche of the genre, but it only really works in a game where everyone is driving...basically a caravan of crusaders (or a BattleTech unit that drives cars instead of mecha).

Anyway, I didn't want to re-create Car Wars (itself more a war game than an RPG), so I used more abstract vehicle rules modeled mainly on the D6 Star Wars RPG. If you want to get fancy with it, you can say that shooting out tires (called shots) reduce Maneuver dice codes by 1 or more. Enjoy!

Vroom! Vroom!

[by the way, I am sick as a dog right now, so forgive my lack of verbosity...I whipped this up in the morning, then ended up sleeping almost the entire day. This and the general stuffiness of my head might account for various weirdness/gaping flaws in the design of the game]


  1. That's what my wife tells me when I'm riding too slow on the bicycle and she wants me to go faster.

    I hope you make her follow that up with a Wookie "growl".

  2. Bout time, my man! sometimes I think all my ideas go in one ear out the other. But by now you will claim this was your idea. Okay, I just said you should make a game like this, not exactly a Micro--Game. So maybe you do deserve all the cred.

  3. @ Doc: Was this your idea? Well, no wonder it seems so half-baked now!

    The game actually needs expansion...a reason to drive, some random scenario generation, a few examples of how the hell things work. And probably a giant "Crash Table." Ya' just can't fit all that on one page, unfortunately (unless the font is very, very small).

    "I am the Night Rider!!!"

    @ Scallop: my wookie growl is terrible. I mean really, really horrendous. But I'll try it next time. ; )