Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Quick Word from "Beaglehaus"

Overheard during the German stomping of Argentina today:

"Oh, I love the Germans...they are so good, not crying and whining like other soccer teams. If only they hadn't had the damn Nazis..."

That's my wife, rooting for Deutschland. She did not read my blog this week.

I asked if she thought the Germans were ever going to live down the Nazis. "Well, they were so bad and affected so many people. No one else has caused destruction like that."

Um...what about the Spanish in South and Mesoamerica? (my wife is Mexican)

"Oh, yeah, that's true. But that was covered up with religion, so it seems more justifiable."


Well, we'll see how the Krauts fare in the rest of the tournament. As long as they keep playing humble, team soccer (with lightning fast counters), I'll be pulling for 'em to win it all.
: )


  1. It's funny. They didn't look that strong in earlier games, and I put the thumping of England down to England being a bit rubbish, so I hadn't expected the Germans to get past Argentina. Wow.

    If they play like that for the rest of the tournament, surely they're going to win it.

  2. Actually, they've played like that in every game Miroslav Klose has been on the pitch. The guy does nothing but score goals. When he got red carded early in Germany's second group match, it forced them to play without their "lucky charm" for nearly two full games. When he's been on the pitch they've scored 4 goals a game.

    And don't feel too bad about England...look at the French and the Italians...and now the Portuguese and Brazilians and Argentines going home. Having stars that sell shoes is no guarantee of decent play. In fact, I believe all the commercial "stars" have been knocked out of the tourney at this point.

    It's all about team.
    : )

  3. I think once everyone who remembers/was there what the Nazis did; and all the people who know those people directly are dead, Germany will have a chance to move on. So another 80 years or so.

  4. Oh, I don't really care about England getting knocked out; the current team is a bunch of pampered, lazy millionaires, and I hope that their poor showing prompts the FA to reconsider their team selection. We've got good under-19 players, so I'd like to see a younger, unknown, England side go to the European Cup in 2012, without any pressure, so they can get to know each other as a team before the go to the next World Cup.

    But if not, there's always someone good to watch at the tournament. ;)