Saturday, July 24, 2010

Computer Issues

I've been having some computer issues the last couple days, so please forgive the lightness of posting. Right now, I'm at a local coffee shop, but my time is limited.

Along with the last LAST push for publication/printing/assembly of my B/X Companion this has led to a little crankiness on my part of late...which might explain some of my ridiculous, armchair-philosophizing/ranting posts the last few days. Trust me...I really DO intend to get back to normal stuff rather than trying to "score points" by beating up on WotC (and everyone else).

Your patience is appreciated.
: )


  1. glad to hear you'll be focusing on your stuff as opposed to pissing on WoTC. I get that 4e isn't everyone's cup of tea but your blog is at its strongest when dealing with the strengths of the game you love and the weakest when attacking the things you hate.

  2. @ Joe: You won't get much disagreement from me on that. Sometimes, though, I feel like I need to vent my thoughts...even if it's only to organize them somewhat.