Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy Morning

And I guess I'm not the only one as even Grognardia's weekly Friday query failed to go up this AM.

Me, well, had a doctor appointment, a dentist appointment, got locked out of my house (I thought...found my keys later), took the wife to work, and ended up down at Gary's explaining the differences between all the various editions of The Game (i.e. Dungeons & Dragons) to a gentleman interested in returning to the hobby after a 20-30 year hiatus, but not interested in taking the time to learn 4th edition.

Yeah, don't the time I was done with him he was ready to go back to AD&D 1e or possibly even B/X (don't know if totally I sold him on the race-as-class deal, but he certainly agreed with me that there are no such things as Hobbit thieves in Tolkien).

Of course, his main gripe was that the older editions just aren't available, even in digital form. Man he was steamed about that! But what could I do? I handed him a print copy of Labyrinth Lord and told him about OSRIC and completely killed the sale of the used 2nd edition books on the shelf (sorry, Tim!). Hopefully, he still bought some dice.

Now I'm FINALLY sitting down to my first cup of coffee (hash n' eggs at the Baranof) and I completely forgot to tell you the reason I was IN Gary's: showing off my first printed copy of the B/X Companion! Yes, they will totally buy a couple copies.

Yep, I spent two hours last night down at a certain late night printer whose name starts with "F;" apparently because they "F" you up the ass on their prices. I'm in email negotiation with a different printer who can hopefully do me a small print run for half the price, but I'm still probably looking at a couple weeks before I can start taking orders. Enough time to figure out to add a PayPal button to my blog (I hope!).

Yep, I am absolutely low budget right now (although I am NOT doing "pre-sales;" I've read a few nightmare scenarios on that and I sure don't want to over-promise what I can't deliver). Folks in the greater Seattle area and don't want to wait on mail order will be able to stop into Gary's...though, who knows...maybe I'll peddle it to a couple of other local game shops (I still have Fridays off, after all).

I don't think it'll be printed in time for Dragonflight XXXI in Bellevue, but maybe I'll put in an appearance with my own copy and show it off.
: )

Hope everyone else is having a good Friday. I'll throw up something more in a little while.


(that was to myself)


  1. Adding a Paypal "buy" button shouldn't be to difficult. IIRC, it was a simple cut/paste when I did it years ago.

    What kind of deal did you make with the local stores? % over cost? I'm looking to do the same with my book and I'd appreciate some advice...

  2. @ Jim: Dude, did I mention this is my first foray into the publishing business? Or business at all? I'm not sure you want to use me as a model.

    I told the manager how much I wanted the item to retail for, he told me how much the store pays for an item that retails at that amount (about 50-60%). Assuming I can get my printing costs down, this should still allow me to see the product. If not, I'll have to renegotiate.

    It helps I've developed a bit of a relationship with the guy. By "relationship" I don't mean we hang out and drink beer. We shoot the breeze in the store, talk about games, and I show him what I've been working on (having a product he could flip through that didn't look like crap probably helped). I understand he's running a business to make money, he understands I want to get my product out in as many venues as are feasible. I don't think either of us are trying to screw the other (hell, I may just take my money out in credit for the shop...that's practically a win-win for both of us) and I don't think either of us are getting "special favors." I might get a nice display spot (if I'm lucky), and he gets a guy who can deliver/distribute books from a couple blocks away...should they sell well, o course.
    ; )

  3. I really like how the BXC complements LL and AEC. I also like how the idea of a S&W/LL-AEC-BXC/OSRIC triumvirate is somehow satisfying.