Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's Agenda

Man, I got a busy day scheduled:

- feed the beagles (done)
- make oatmeal for wife
- drop wife off at work
- ultra-clean the house (no easy task)
- buy beer
- buy wine
- buy flowers
- bake pumpkin muffins (my most daunting task; I don't bake!)
- pick up a copy of classic Trivial Pursuit (the latest version? with the DVD? Blows!)
- pick up Rifts World Book 17: Warlords of Russia, and hound game store for Wormwood
- eat breakfast (reading time)
- find some time to nap (I hope)
- go to the dentist at 3 (!!)
- bathe beagles (semi-optional, depending on time)
- bathe self
- pick up wife from work around 6ish
- order and pick-up pizzas for party
- all last minute tasks & errands (??)
- fun and games begin around 7:30

So much for my "day off" (*grumble*grumble*); just imagine if I had kids in the mix that needed shuttling!

Honestly, I'm not really complaining...I'm looking forward to most of it (the house cleaning may actually be MORE daunting than the's a big house and the beags will be following my vaccuum, shedding merrily all the while. This will require careful timing on my part!). But I probably won't be posting much today.

Ok...back to sleep until my lovely birthday girl gets up!

1 comment:

  1. See, if you had teenagers, they could do all this and you could sleep in. But, then again, you'd have to force them or pay them to do it all, putting up with sighs and eye-rolling and all that teens bring. So, eh, not any easier.