Friday, November 6, 2009

Today's Agenda

Man, I got a busy day scheduled:

- feed the beagles (done)
- make oatmeal for wife
- drop wife off at work
- ultra-clean the house (no easy task)
- buy beer
- buy wine
- buy flowers
- bake pumpkin muffins (my most daunting task; I don't bake!)
- pick up a copy of classic Trivial Pursuit (the latest version? with the DVD? Blows!)
- pick up Rifts World Book 17: Warlords of Russia, and hound game store for Wormwood
- eat breakfast (reading time)
- find some time to nap (I hope)
- go to the dentist at 3 (!!)
- bathe beagles (semi-optional, depending on time)
- bathe self
- pick up wife from work around 6ish
- order and pick-up pizzas for party
- all last minute tasks & errands (??)
- fun and games begin around 7:30

So much for my "day off" (*grumble*grumble*); just imagine if I had kids in the mix that needed shuttling!

Honestly, I'm not really complaining...I'm looking forward to most of it (the house cleaning may actually be MORE daunting than the's a big house and the beags will be following my vaccuum, shedding merrily all the while. This will require careful timing on my part!). But I probably won't be posting much today.

Ok...back to sleep until my lovely birthday girl gets up!