Monday, November 23, 2009

B/X Krull: Monsters of Krull

Most monsters of the B/X game are appropriate to Krull, though in general it has more wild animals and giant insect type monsters and fewer outright magical creatures. The following monsters are specific creatures from the Krull film.


Armor Class: 2…………No. Appearing: 2-12 (10-40)
Hit Dice: 2+1*…………Save As: Fighter 2
Movement: 60’ (20’)…………Morale: 12
Attacks: 1 …………Treasure Type: Nil
Damage: By Weapon…………Alignment: Chaotic

Slayers appear to be man-sized humanoids dressed in demonic looking plate armor. This armor is actually a bio-mechanical suit of eldritch design for the true form of the creature is a smallish squid-like creature. However, the armor is treated as an extension of the slayer and any hit on the armor causes damage to the creature. The body armor is slow and ponderous, always striking last in melee combat. For distance travel, slayers will often ride normal horses, though they always dismount to fight.

Slayers carry only one weapon of alien design: the slay-spear. The weapon can fire a blue pulse of energy at a range of 240’ doing 3D6 damage; it has a two-shot capacity. Once all shots have been fired, the weapon can be reversed to use as a two-handed spear in melee doing 1D8 damage.

Slayers hail from another part of the galaxy and are alien to the planet Krull. They are immune to any kind of sleep or mind-control magic, and cannot be magically transformed or polymorphed, though they can be affected by a disintegrate spell. Their senses are equal to human and they have no ability to see in darkness without a light source. They will not communicate and cannot be reasoned with or bribed; their loyalty is only to the Beast of the Black Fortress. If reduced to 0 hit points, the slayer gives off a keening shriek and will abandon its armor burrowing into the ground, never to be seen again.


Armor Class: 9…………No. Appearing: 1 (1)
Hit Dice: 1+1*…………Save As: Fighter 2
Movement: 120’ (40’)…………Morale: 9
Attacks: 1 claw…………Treasure Type: Nil
Damage: 1D6…………Alignment: Chaotic

The Beast has many weapons and the changeling is one of his most subtle. Appearing as a normal human (often as the duplicate of a specific individual), the creature is one used for deception, infiltration, and assassination.

The changeling will choose a time to strike when its prey is alone, defenseless, and vulnerable. When attacking the creature’s eyes turn void black, with no visible pupil at its nails lengthening to claws. If possible, the monster will attack from behind (+2 to hit) and if successful will do 1D6 damage every round as it strangles its prey (no further to hit roll necessary).

Like the slayer, the changeling’s true form is an alien squid-like creature. However, its merging with the human form gives it the ability to communicate and even sometimes to feel emotions as a human does. It is thus possible, though rare, for the Changeling’s loyalty to the Beast to be compromised.


Armor Class: 2…………No. Appearing: 1 (1)
Hit Dice: 18**** (85 hit points)…………Save As: Magic-User 18
Movement: 120’ (40’)…………Morale: 12
Attacks: 2 claws + special…………Treasure Type: Hx3
Damage: 2D6…………Alignment: Chaotic

The Beast is a large (15’ tall) humanoid of demonic appearance, an alien being from a different part of the galaxy. The sole lord and master of both the Black Fortress and the slayers, the Beast has access to powers beyond the ken of normal humans.

At will, the Beast may use the following spells as an 18th level magic-user: floating disk, detect invisible, ESP, knock, mirror image, phantasmal force, clairvoyance, dispel magic, confusion, and polymorph self. The Beast has absolute control over his minions (the slayers and the changelings) knowing where they are at all times, seeing through their eyes, and having the ability to end their lives at any time. Should the Beast be killed, all existing slayers will be slain by his psychic death scream.

The Beast may only be damaged by magical weapons, is immune to mind control magic, and cannot be magically transformed except by his own will. Immortal unless slain, the Beast regenerates 1 hit point per round from all injuries except fire and acid. Though he disdains physical combat, he can strike with two wicked claws, and if successful with both will automatically bring foe to mouth and deliver a vicious bite for an additional 2D4 damage.

The Beast is evil and cruel and seeks to subjugate and corrupt all with whom he has contact. He uses illusions and fear to enslave some and temptations and false promises to ensnare others. In the end, he serves only himself and holds himself master above all other beings.


Armor Class: 7…………No. Appearing: 0 (20-80)
Hit Dice: 4…………Save As: Dwarf 3
Movement: 360’ (120’)…………Morale: 7
Attacks: 2 Hooves…………Treasure Type: Nil
Damage: 1D8/1D8…………Alignment: Neutral

The fire mare looks like an exceptionally fit and hearty draft horse, but they are only found wild, being possible to capture but incapable of domestication. They roam the plains of Krull and, while dangerous, can sometimes be useful as riding beasts.

When in full gallop, either due to stampede or the urging of a rider, the fire mare can reach great speeds, far greater than any known steed. In addition, they have the ability to travel over land, water, or air equally, their hooves never needing solid purchase once they have achieved full speed. The fire mare’s tremendous fortitude allows it to travel in this fashion for many hours and thousands of miles without tiring, the beast’s maximum range being about 3000 miles over a 16 hour period (roughly 188 miles per hour).

The fire mares’ hooves flash with fire when travelling at speed, clearly visible in the night sky and leaving a smoldering trail in their wake.


  1. So, I figure the crystal spider is more of a special case?

  2. Yeah, it's tough not to just consider it a bigger "giant spider." Or an adventure-specific variation.

  3. I just re-watched KRULL myself last night and wow, what a terrific movie! So ripe for what you are doing here. I am going to use the slayers and their killer slay-spears soon!

  4. Hey, for folks who just want to inject a little "something-something" into their B/X game, a Krull-type invasion might be just the thing!
    : )

  5. Nicely written.....And i Imagine the Black Fortress to Be Like A Dwarven forge from spell jammer...Excellent...