Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos (poquito tarde)

I totally meant to make a post yesterday wishing everyone a happy Day of the Dead, but completely forgot what with everything else going on. Sorry, folks.

“Everything else” is a bit of an understatement. While I still seem to be picking up new readers here at Ye Olde Blackrazor, people who’ve been following will have noticed a fairly substantial drop-off in posts. Part of this has been craziness around the home fire (babysitting, visiting relatives, babies being born, etc.) but a larger part of it has to do with my day job…specifically I’ve been focusing more on my work and less on my blogging while at work.

Which is only appropriate, really…after all, my employer pays me. : ) And in these tough economic times, those of us who have jobs should probably show our appreciation by working more than slacking.

Still and all, I’m trying not to slack around the home either…keeping the house in order, spending quality time with the wife, walking the beagles (especially during Seattle’s rainy Autumn season when they’d rather laze around indoors and get fat instead of running around outside). For the most part it’s limited my long posts to a couple on the weekends (including Friday) and short ones (if any) during the week.

Not that this matters to anyone besides myself…there’s plenty o blog material out there for the RPG dilettante looking for info and ideas. But it does bug ME.

Also, truth be told, I get stuck for inspiration sometimes when I’ve got so many other things on my plate. My wife’s birthday is coming up this week, my birthday next week, and a big Thanksgiving event at our house two weeks after that. Then we have the December holidays (shopping season! Decorating!) and in-laws flying in again (five of ‘em this time) to stay for a couple-three weeks, and they require constant entertainment of the non-gaming variety I’m afraid.

That’s kind of the biggest hurdle to having a gaming blog…I have surrounded myself with a sea of non-gaming folks, who love me and whom I love, and yet my actual game time is limited to simply reading, writing, and theorizing.

Ugh…I don’t want this to post to devolve into a rant. I need to make my own time for gaming. Hopefully Mr. Armstrong will be re-booting his B/X On-Line game soon!

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