Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh, AB...

Forgot to mention earlier:

My brother (he, the one-time wielder of Blackrazor by the mailed fist of his avatar Alejandro) emailed me an "early birthday present" last week: a link to D&D On-Line. For interested parties, feel free to check it out.

Now folks who've been reading me for a couple months will recall that not only am I an avid opponent of on-line MMORPGs, but my Ables often gives me shit about my love of table-top RPGs. Asked if he's actually been playing DDO, he replied "yeah, the last couple days...I'm already Level 2!"


I did not even bother to register or create a character. Just seeing such a thing confirmed all my assumptions about 4E (that it was geared towards video gamers; that it was meant to be seague into an IP-driven on-line game). Barf!

I especially like how the female voice on the web site attempted to both cajole and goad me into joining, before finally berating me for not pressing the "Play Now" button. Pretty f'd up, all the way around, if you ask me...though it made me chuckle at the desperation in her voice. As if Hasbro realized it was on a goddamn sinking ship and wanted me to throw it a life raft.

Sorry, pal.
; ) minute to midnight. Almost time to wish myself a happt birthday!

And there it is...yay!


  1. Felicitations on your natal day! 'Tis a good time to be born (my birthday is the 17th).

  2. DDO is based on 3E, but yeah, its sucks pretty hard:(

    Happy Birthday! :)


  4. Happy birthday.

    And of course you do know that DDO isn't about 4e at all, that it is a 3e-derived game?

  5. Heh! Thanks for the felicidades, folks. And as far as DDO makes no nevermind to me WHAT it's based on. I ain't playing!
    : )

    Happy Friday to everyone!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Looks like the game is complete poop.

    Is this in any way still driven by Hasbro and WotC? I mean, this isn't the missing virtual table-top piece that they were crowing about when they first announced 4E is it?

    Other than owning the rights to the name, I thought this was a last gasp effort to resurrect a game that failed miserably to compete with the juggernaut that is World of Warcraft.