Tuesday, November 3, 2009

B/X White Plume Mountain

Aside from the discourse instigated in my recent "re-defining alignment" post, I realize I've offered precious little B/X material of late waxing (and waning) nostalgic for such things as Palladium, Star Wars, Traveller, Deadlands, and...well, everything else.

So this is a bone for the B/X fans.

Round about my 200th post I did a series of conversions of the classic TSR module S2:White Plume Mountain. At the time, I had not yet discovered mediafire and had been forced to break up the document (rather un-satisfactorily) over several posts. Welp, now I've finally taken the time to up-load the damn thing (including my B/X conversion of the bane blade Blackrazor), all in one nice handy-dandy pdf.

You still need to own a copy of the original White Plume Mountain to make use of the conversion notes (all it does is convert the encounters to B/X rules; my conversion does not include maps, nor the original text or background). The most recent version of White Plume Mountain is available as a free download from Wizards of the Coast here.

My version can be found here. Enjoy!


  1. Good job and thanks for taking the time to do this and share...it's not in our foreseeable future but nice to know we have it. Cheers

  2. THANKS for making this available all in one handy pdf. WHITE PLUME is one of my all-time favorite modules as well, and I can't wait to stick it somewhere in my upcoming (early 2010) Labyrinth Lord campaign! Any future module conversion plans?

  3. @Carter: Not at the moment, though I always thought the G series would make a pretty good little romp for Expert level characters.

    Problem is WPM is freely available from WotC, so folks can get the maps and text material; other modules not so much. If I post only the conversion, it leaves out in the cold those folks that don't own the original product. And posting the product itself is a clear violation of copyright.