Sunday, November 15, 2009

So Maybe I Should Do Some Posting Over Here

I HAVE been logged into the computer the last couple days, folks, but I have simply been spending more time commenting on other folks' threads than writing on my own. Hey, what can I say? They've got interesting stuff going on and topics generally worthy of discussion.

Don't believe me? Check out Mr. Armstrong's stuff over at Ode to Black Dougal. That's been the bulk of my attention of late. In a nutshell, P. is re-purposing the B/X game for his own Sword & Sorcery campaign...and he's doing a great job. Out with the Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings...In with the Barbarians, Atlanteans, and Savages. Spell lists have been edited and various drawbacks added for folks who "play with the dark arts." The great thing? All those cool monsters of the Moldvay's Basic set become incredibly relevant once you start editing the magic gear proliferation in your S&S campaign (lions and tigers and bears...oh, my! Who needs trolls and treants?).

Very cool...this is the kind of thing I'd write pages and pages of blog posts about...except that Pat has already done so and at this point, all I'd be doing is duplicating his very worthy effort. Instead I'll simply refer people to his site (and heap tons of praise), while I try to crank out some interesting stuff of my own.

After all, the Seahawks aren't playing till 1, right?

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