Sunday, November 22, 2009

Krull Campaign Setting

The Seahawks are down 28-3, the Vikes are driving (still) with Tavaris Jackson at the helm (Favre has been pulled after throwing four TD passes...probably want to save him for next week), and while I, as a die-hard blue-bleeding fan must watch till the bitter, bitter end I might as well have a little fun while suffering.

[announcers speaking, regarding a challenge that Minnsota just won: "So, the Vikings winning everything today." Ugh! And now another 1st down pass from the 2nd string QB]

Krull is an interesting campaign setting. After watching the movie yesterday, I was again left with the sense that there is A LOT that's left un-said. And it's this backstory that intrigues me.

I went to a used bookstore this morning looking for the Allen Dean Foster adaptation of the movie...for awhile there, Foster was the "go to" guy for adapting films into novels, and I often found his books MORE entertaining than the movies, as he presented more information than what was present in the film. As a kid I did not distinguish that film and literature are two very different mediums, and I would sometimes "judge" a film (fairly or not) for not living up to written text. This is the classic "which version of The Shining do you prefer" argument.

Now, I am content to accept both as their own seperate animals, which is why I can say enjoy and rave about both The Watchmen film as well as the comic and not be upset at the dramatic license taken in the adaptation.

But it is that "extra info" Foster throws into his novels that I want. Whether he has access to the "film bible" of the screenplay or whether he simply adds his own stuff to "fill in the blanks," I'd like to read what he has to say about Krull.

Why are folks in the film so nonchalant about the alien invaders? Or about the magic of Ergo (which they simply find amusing rather than disturbing or supernatural)? If the Beast and his minions are new to the planet, but have had prior dealings with the cyclops, then are the cyclops new to the planet as well? How did the glaive become the symbol of the human kingdom, and how was it lost so many years before? And why is it Colwyn is able to reach it and instinctively knows how to use it without training?

Was Ynyr and the Widdow of the Web potential fulfillers of the prophecy? And who imprisoned the Widow of the Web? How did Titch end up indentured to the Emerald Seer? And for goodness sake, how is Colwyn and Lissa's child going to rule the galaxy if they're living in a medieval tech-level culture?

Unfortunately, there was no Foster book at the bookstore. If I'm going to write up the Krull campaign setting, I'm going to have to either "fill in my own blanks" or else start with what I know (the Slayers, etc.) until I can find a copy of it.

Ope! And the Seahawks game has finally, mercifully ended. Time-out for breakfast!


  1. I'm pretty sure the opening narration of the movie states that the Beast and Slayers and the Fortress have been bouncing around for some time.
    At least that's the impression I got.
    Bit distracted by my Vikes toasting some... err marshmallows. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  2. You might find Michael "Talien" Tresca's D20: Krull of interest, although it likely wouldn't be your approach at all.

  3. Hmmmm, I recently saw Krull again as well. The sci-fi from "space" mixed with fantasty planet siders reminds me of Wizardry 8 Computer RPG, great game btw. I'm sure the game is a inspired by the movie.

    To those without either hi-tech and magic are indistinguishable.

  4. Wow, I would really enjoy seeing what you will do with the KRULL camapign setting. It is a favorite film of mine as well.

  5. @ rainswept: Thanks for the heads up! I checked it out and while it is well done you are's not my cup o tea.

    Plus look at the stat blocks on those slayers! Sheesh!

    @ Carter: Your wish is my command...this time!