Monday, July 6, 2009

Um...Where Are The Hats?

Picked up a couple or three Reaper miniatures today.  As I may have mentioned previously, while I play a lot of GW games and own hundreds of minis for their games, I never owned, painted, or used miniatures for D&D as a kid. Certainly I may have had a couple, never painted, simply to look at...but that's it.

However, as I delve more and more into Old School D&D I find myself drawn to the idea of at least having physical representative icons of PCs (both past and present).  Plus, it's getting close to football season, which is always when I start getting the itch to paint minis.

So...Reaper.  What a great line! Not only do they have a wide variety of models to choose from, and plenty of female miniatures (a real change from the Ral Partha days), why are there so few pieces with helmets?

I mean there are plenty of female warriors, rangers, knights, etc....and they all have this long flowing hair just waiting to get *clonked* on the head by an orcish war maul.  What the hell?

I asked the dealer, what kind of person goes into combat without a hat?  She told me, "Reaper sculptors."  So it would seem. I was looking for viking-type minis with beards and helmets, but apparently the main theme is the clean shaven, bare headed hero of the flowing locks (male and female). This may work for the "high fantasy" of D20, but it ain't to my taste of gritty fantasy.

I picked up two dudes with hats and one chick (of course, I had to get a "female vampire" to find a female mini with a cool helm).  If I get 'em painted anytime soon, I'll upload  pix to the blog.

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