Saturday, July 25, 2009

B/X Madness!

No, we may not be able to game like in the "good ol' days," but we can still game.   Got to play TWO B/X games this weekend (so far!) and have had a blast!  Full reports to follow.

Happy Saturday Night!


  1. Rockin'! I had a great time with the Skype game and am grateful you were a LOT less rusty than I was! If you hadn't taken the lead, i still would be investigating/listening to/smelling/tasting that stupid pile of rocks...

  2. That was an awesome session. I am really impressed with the way it played over Skype and Gametable.

    Hey there was something going on with those rocks & that skull! :)

  3. You guys! Sheesh! Rocks? C'mon!

    The thing with WFRP adventures is they're not as prone to weird or whimsical tricks/traps as D&D. Usually, the "dangerous twist" in an adventure comes in the form of betrayal or back-stabbing intrigue. If a bridge looks rickety, it probably is. If a pile of rocks looks like a warning, it probably is. If the genial NPC is all happy and helpful and smiling...well, he's probably a chaos cultist just waiting for your back to turn so he can feed you to some evil mutant god!

    Gotta' say, I had a lot of fun and I, too, was impressed with how well the Gametable works. As well as Pat's map-drawing ability!
    : )