Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gaming (Computer) Madness

Really...this is RPG related.

So we were test running the Skype/Gametable/AIM/What-Have-You this evening for our upcoming B/X game, care of Patrick over at OtBD.  Unfortunately, things were a little sketchy.

(just by the way, Meeps and Pat-Man seem great...I really looking forward to the game this Saturday, and they expressed the same)

Thing is...unlike some of you young whipper-snappers (yes, Oddysey, I'm looking at you) we are OLD.  Which is not a terrible thing by any means.  Speaking for myself, I am fairly secure, put together, and much more mature than I once was.  Even if I seem to have highly caffeinated fingers endlessly churning out posts for this blog, I've come a long way from the highly-strung days o my youth.

Unfortunately, computer networking is not one of my "class-skills."  When you've got folks sharing similar interests living all over the continent, being able to get in contact through the internet is a real blessing. But getting a dice-roller to work...ugh!  It took us more than an hour just to figure out, "um, we need to work on this a bit."

Yes, I am old.  I need a cane to push my mouse around.

Anyhoo, we at least got AIM and iChat to work, as well as Skype.  But the gametable program wasn't working for any of us.  Pat's already posted a help post at his blog (I've been busy ordering a pizza), but if anyone who's reading me and not OtBD has some experience with this application, let us know! Thanks in advance.

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