Monday, July 20, 2009

Too Many Damn Blogs!

I’m starting to get “blogged out.”  There are simply too many excellent, fun, of flat-out-crazy-cool blogs to read out there and I seem to be hittin’ ‘em all like a drunken carpenter with a caffeinated hammer hand.  Pounding a nail here and there with no real rhyme or reason.

Part o this is simple lack o discipline on my part.  Part is just I just get enough of this stuff in my daily life.  Here’s the god’s honest truth: prior to April or so of this year, I never read a single goddamn blog.

Crazy?  Yeah, but its true.  I even had my own blog back in 2007, but I dropped it after half a dozen months and about 40 postings.  The topic (obviously) wasn’t as near and dear to my heart as RPGs and gaming, where I can bang out over a 100 posts in three weeks. Ah, well…

Even when I was writing my old blog, I wasn’t subscribing to anyone else’s…I was only interested in spouting my own nonsense, and I wasn’t too concerned with courting or tracking feedback.

So what’s up now?  Well, in the process of facing the stress of moving my house, pressures at work, training two dogs, and my wife being gone more than usual, I stumbled (surfed) across an interview Ken Hite had with JM of Grognardia.  I started reading Grognardia, I started reading his links, I started reading the links’ links…etc. Now I’m throwing down my own gaming musings.  And check it out…I get to be in an on-line B/X game with the Ode to Black Dougal guy, who was the inspiration for my own B/X-centric blog!  How cool is that?

Anyway, though…the surfing the blogs is getting fairly crazy. I just added another 4/half-dozen blog links to my site.  This is a tender mercy for myself.  Originally, I hadn’t wanted to have more than 10 at any time…I was dropping some adding others…I didn’t want my blog to get too cluttered.

But I was reading all these other blogs anyway…it was like a crazy-ass ritual. Ok, ling to Grognardia. Read. Click from G’s links to Savevs.Poison. Read. Click from SvP’s links to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Read. Click to whatever links Jim was referencing in his LotFP posts.  Crapola!

None of which would be too bad…except that I still have a wife, job, two dogs, and a house to maintain.  But now, I actually want to do some REAL writing.  So I need to take my foot off the throttle for a bit…

Well, the blog throttle anyway.

We’ll see if I can do it.  The two great things about blogging: INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  As long as you’ve got a decent internet connection and a random thought that’s on topic, you can throw down all kinds of content.  You can get feedback on your thoughts (from comments or other blogs).  Hell, organizing your thoughts can lead you to some great project ideas (like a B/X Companion, for example) or cool opportunities (someone offered to sell me there WEG Star Wars stuff!).

Anyway, this is something I wanted to mention.  It’s great that there are so many damn people interested in OS gaming, and the amount of creativity floating around the internet is amazing. But it’s a bit overwhelming…to the point of distraction at times.  I’m going to try to ween myself down from my frantic posting, surfing, commenting. Not sure how successful I’ll be (I’m a 24-7 kinda’ thinker).

Oh, well.

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  1. Too many blogs? Someone should start a blog about that.