Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thrall of Blackrazor

Ha! I've never played the D&D Miniatures game (nor even the old New Chainmail)...but if I did I would make sure my warband contained this guy.

'Course, I might need to greenstuff the miniature to give hime a new hairstyle...and a new Blackrazor. What's up with Jimmy Neutron wielding Grazz't's sword?

Yeah, Thrall of's just such a cool name I'd be tempted to buy the piece simply for posterity. But it would probable be better to do my own conversion of an Alejandro-type piece (I found an illustration of the fighter the other day...once I figure out how to hook my scanner to my Mac, I'll upload the picture...).

I never did use miniatures in D&D games...that was one "option" I never put into practice. I always preferred the abstract "battlefield of the imagination." Even with 3rd edition it was a challenge to convert my game play to the tactical map...but I was a lot better than the "old school" players I tried with whom I tried 3E gaming...they were fairly awful with 5' steps and attacks of opportunity and such, and I was constantly getting the better of them through sheer maneuver. This is probably due to my years of WH40K, Blood Bowl, and Mordheim game play (started long after I stopped playing RPGs regularly).

Hmm...I wonder if I could convert Blackrazor's Thrall to a Mordheim sell-sword. Sounds like my upcoming 4-day weekend (sorry, jokers!) will have a project or two for me to pursue.

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