Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not A 4th Level Day

Hmm, today was rough and may have had a little to do with my last post being on the negative side (though I've already admitted in this blog that I'm an opinionated hack). Tuesday is a Mars day and I was itching for a fight I suppose...and it just got my dander up some o the things I was reading.

Ugh (again)...there's no particular "right way" to play most RPGs, but there is a way to "play the game as intended."  Sometimes, though, it's open to interpretation what the designers' intention is/was...and sometimes that intention changes as games evolve through numerous iterations.

That's NOT an apology for my last post (sorry, Millennials); it is only an admission that I realize and understand different people have fun with these RPGs in their own way, and I really don't fault folks for having fun (as long as it's not at someone else's expense).  I think there really is a definable Old School and character mortality is part of it.  I think there's a reason 4th level carries the title "Hero."  I think it is a fortuitous coincidence that 4th level is the first level of the Cook Expert set...you need to survive the dungeon with some XP under your belt to claim the title.

For my B/X Companion rules I've already decided that I'm going to change around the level titles (for example, I think a fighter may be a Warrior at level one, and certainly isn't a Veteran till at least level two).  But 4th level will remain the Hero.  Sorry, folks...you don't get to be a Hero at level one.