Thursday, July 16, 2009

Skype's Away!

I have now downloaded Skype and have successfully tested it with the wife...seems to work just swell, but will it be able to conference multiple people?  An on-line game must certainly be coming down the pike!


  1. Quite easily! Skype is probably the most useful invetion for RPG's since the d20 itself! I've played in one C&C game over Skype and was so impressed with it, I ditched the phone entirely and went to the unlimited $2.95 plan...

    If it had a built in die roller, it'd be pure perfection.

  2. My DM wants to use something called "Game Table" for his dice roller. I'm not familiar with it, but I plan on giving it a try.

    Why can't software designers simply assume this stuff is going to be used for gaming and include dice rollers? Jeez!
    : )