Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Kris Tells Me...

...I need to throw something up on Ye Old Blog, you know I've been being neglectful. He only reads the damn thing once or twice a week!

Yakima was great (and scorching hot), and I've made it back safe-and-sound to lovely, rainy Seattle. That's right...the season has turned to Autumn and once again we have that oh-so-fine wet-and-gray gaming weather that makes me love this town so much.

[the wife, a transplant, is NOT a fan]

Anyway, sorry I've been lax in my blogging duties. Sunday I was pretty wiped out after driving all day and Monday was spent being as lazy as hell in honor of the Labor Day holiday. Heck, I didn't even watch that much TV...mainly just read my book (Hawkmistress! by Marion Zimmer Bradley...my third Darkover novel this week as I try to bone-up on my psionic fantasy literature...I'll say more about that later). Very relaxing.

Anyhoo, I could say a thing or two about what's been going on around the blog-o-sphere: a couple-three new reviews of my B/X Companion for example (so far, still positive)...or Grognardia's latest-greatest on Star Wars and space opera (a favorite topic of my own, and one likely to throw me off on a two week tangent if I let it)...or how I lost a couple followers after last week's rants and gained another two over the weekend somehow without posting a blessed thing.

But I'd rather tell you some more good/interesting news...two projects both underway and me in a creative frame of mind which is good. It means that I HAVE been writing, just not blogging. Land of Ash is still piece-meal, but it's in a good state right now...piece-meal armor rules have been written up which take into account both protection value and bulk (with actually hinders protection value) as well as how to do piece-meal magic armor (oh, you're wearing bronze vambraces +1? Let's see how that stacks with your laquer-wood greaves +2 and your steel great helm). Along with some super-dope gladiator rules and arena maneuvers, I think that section is going to turn out fairly nice.

However, THAT's not nearly as cool as the other not-so-secret project. As usual, the thing I was dreading the most was the thought of working up new spell casters.


Wait. Whoa!

I just realized something. Oh, man. Sorry, there's something I need to blog about RIGHT NOW that I just thought of. Holy crap. We'll get back to spell-casters in a bit!


  1. @ Alex: Ya' better believe it!
    : )

    @ Pal: Ah, so you are. But I try to keep y'all happy.
    ; )