Monday, September 20, 2010

Taking My Show on the Road

Well, not really. I’M hitting the road, and I can be a bit of a “show” but I’m not proselytizing the Good Word or anything.

My wife and I are heading out to Spain for a couple weeks. We have friends in several cities with whom we’ll be staying and we have a wedding to attend as well (yes, some people in Spain DO still get married…though not nearly as often as over on this side of the ocean). It’s my first trip to the Iberian peninsula and I’m excited to go…wine, tapas, castles, and a mix of culture and history many centuries old, how could I not be? Plus, we’ll be visiting Toledo which is a bit of a historic Mecca for a sword aficionado like myself (or so I’ve been led to believe).

[yes, yes, I’ve blogged much about the axe being my favorite fantasy weapon, but the sword…the real, historical sword…has always held a special place in my heart. Something that even years of distasteful “sport fencing” (not to mention shot-to-hell-knees) has been unable to spoil. Thank goodness!]

So Spain: a couple weeks, a whirlwind tour, 5 or so towns…should be lots of fun.

But it means my loyal blog readers will be without my meanderings for a couple-couple. My wife IS urging me to take my laptop, but I suspect she wants to watch DVDs on the plane or something…SHE can check her email on her fancy phone, after all. As of this moment I am 99.9% sure I will be travelling SANS computer.

ALSO, this means I will NOT be in a position to mail out more copies of the B/X Companion. I am still taking orders (believe me, I still want your money!) but any orders made will be delayed at least a few days getting out the door. I CAN have my brother put a couple in the mail for me (much as I prefer to do my own quality control, he knows the drill), but I have to email him with the addresses and customs info. My advice: if you want a copy, best order it by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT so I can get it out in the mail Tuesday morning…otherwise, you should probably wait till October 1st to place your order.

In the past, my trips to Europe have always involved me writing copious amounts (go figure) in a personal journal purchased expressly for each individual trip. However, that was before I had a long-running blog, a published book, or a new-found enthusiasm for game writing. Generally speaking, 44 hours of flight time (round trip) sounds like pure writing heaven to me…but I’d hate for something to happen to my electronic device on the trip and lose EVERYING I’ve worked on over the last year…and I doubt I’ll have a chance to back up the entire enchilada prior to leaving (hell, I’m going to be packing tonight…and I still have to work ten hours tomorrow!).

Ugh. Maybe I’ll just take a notebook and pencil. Man, my brother’s right: I AM an “old man!” Jeez.

Anyhoo, that’s the news. Blogging will be slow to non-existent for a bit, but I SHALL return…Autumn is my favorite time of year in Seattle, and I want to get back in time to enjoy all its wet and musty October glory. Plus, I’ve got Seahawks games to attend!

: )


  1. Have fun! Try not to get yourself into any honor duels while admiring the swords.

    Also, f you find yourself on a street where everyone is in a white shirt and red neck kerchiefs... RUN!!

  2. @ Grat Sax: No, bull running. We'll be in Bilbao, Madrid, Vitoria, and a couple towns to the south (Granada and Toledo). Our trip was actually cut a bit short, unfortunately, but my wife wouldn't allow me to run with the bulls anyway. I've been told most of the injuries from that particular event are to American tourists anyway.
    ; )

  3. Reserve tickets now for the Alhambra in Granada if you haven't already (though it won't be as insane as when I was there in Holy Week). For a D&Der I can't imagine a better way to dream away a day (or two).