Thursday, September 2, 2010

Plans for the Next Few Days

Speaking of barbarians (and flim-flam artists for that matter) reminds me of my brother AB, who was known to play barbarians back in the old AD&D days. These days, I’ve got him sold on the elegant B/X system and after discussing it with him yesterday, it appears we are on for another Thursday night at the Baranof.

The ECGF people are actually running a D&D-esque game tonight at the Wayward (“Old School D&D…Indie Style!” whatever that means), but I kind of like running my own game. Who knows…maybe we’ll end up being the rival RPG gang across the street (the “mean group” that drinks beer instead of lattes). AB is going to call Steve up to meet us, and he suggested we try poaching some of the Emerald City group. I don’t know if I’m quite ready for THAT. We’ll see how tonight goes.

I know (or I assume) that people have been out finishing the last days of summer and this has accounted for the slow blogging, etc. Or maybe folks have just been busy with “back to school” stuff. Well, whatever. This weekend it’s MY turn to take a little road trip…the fam (including my brother and the beagles) is going to be road-tripping out to Yakima tomorrow, and won’t be back till Sunday or Monday. Which doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be out of touch (I’m taking my laptop); you might still get a blog update or two.

It DOES mean that I won’t be able to put anything in the mail…i.e. “ship books.” My last post office run will be Friday morning (well, probably noon). If you intend to buy a copy of the B/X Companion anytime in the next couple-five days, I’d suggest putting in your order today or tonight. At least, if you want the thing shipped out on Friday. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting till Tuesday for the package to even be mailed.

Hope everyone has a long and pleasant Labor Day weekend!
: )


  1. Ah, the Palm Springs of Washington. Enjoy!

  2. @ Narmer:

    I honestly have no idea what you mean...but thanks!
    : )

  3. There is a large sign on the freeway when you enter Yakima from the north reading:

    Welcome to Yakima the Palm Springs of Washington.

    Having spent entirely to much time in Yakima because of of in-laws and never have been to Palm Springs, I don't get the comparison.

  4. Yeah, I saw the sign today. Though maybe they need to change it to "the Napa Valley of Washington."
    ; )