Monday, September 20, 2010

More Praise For the B/X Companion

This was a nice little email I received today:

Hey JB,
I just wanted to tell you that your B/X Companion *rocks*. It’s my favorite Old School Renaissance product yet. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with the overall writing, design, art, and “feel” of the product. I hope that you’ll be producing more product in the future.
Best regards,
Alexander Macris
Publisher, The Escapist

[the emphasis was added by Mr. Macris, not myself]

You know, when I read things like this, it just makes me want to churn out more stuff. I mean, as long as people like what I'm pushing, I'll keep doing it.

However, I can't emphasize express enough gratitude and appreciation for the positive reinforcement. I know there are some folks who will buy Old School product just out of curiosity, or to "support the cause," or to "stick it to the man" (the latter is why I keep buying copies of Labyrinth Lord and giving it away...after all, I still use my actual B/X books at the game table!). And, of course, my mom bought a copy of my book 'cause, well...'cause she's my mom.

But when people actually LIKE what you've written...well, that's pretty cool.

Maybe I will take my laptop to Spain...22 hours is a lot of quality time to work on the writing projects.
; )


  1. Leave your laptop behind and give your wife all the attention for the next two weeks. Just sayin...

  2. @ Pal:
    Sound advice! Which is one of the reasons I planned to NOT bring it.

    However, she's the one that would prefer to check her email from something other than a phone. Maybe if I leave it behind, she'll give ME more attention!
    : )

  3. I was fortunate to spend 6 weeks in Spain on a dig, a couple of years ago. Summary: Good food, cheap good wine, sliced packaged lunch meats that include 20 regional types of ham in every supermarket for your road trips, and an expectation that you're trying to enjoy the good things in life. Overall, I'd say ditch the laptops BUT: internet cafes are relatively scarce since folks have DSL, etc at home, so it might be useful to have one for getting online in hotels, etc.

    Having said that, you won't be wanting to geek out on some "Random d12 Shoe-Adornment" tables or whatever, trust me. Though now that I mention it I would buy a d20 table of regional Spanish hams if you made one .... hmm.