Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's THAT Time of Year

We interrupt this blog to remind everyone that football season starts this Sunday…I mean the REAL season…and I just wanted to interject: Holy CRAP, Seahawks! What the hell?!


For the first time in many years I will not be at the stadium for the first game of the season…a communication mix-up with my standard ticket agent (my California-residing father), led him to giving away the first game of the season before I had a chance to BUY it from him…Jesus, Dad! Probably sold it on Craigs List to a 49ers fan…

Anyway, after looking at all the bullshit that’s gone down in the last week or four, I can’t say I’m too sorry to miss this game. I said last year that I was going to hold all judgment regarding Jim Mora to after the season, but I stated my reservations. Reservations which appear to have been shared by the owner, since Mora was shit-canned at the end of the season. But Pete Carroll? To say I have reservations is kind of like saying “I enjoy D&D;” a bit more than an understatement.

But, hey, I don’t work inside the Seahawks administration (too bad; “team astrologer” would be a dream job of mine, right alongside “freelance airship pilot”) so who am I to judge if Carrol is a maniac genius…or just a maniac? For all I know the entire NFC West will fall apart (no Kurt Warner this year) and the ‘Hawks will be left to pick up the pieces. Maybe…

Still things aren’t looking good for Our Heroes. Oh, man. Even though Hasselback is a staunch Republican and fund raiser for crazies, I wouldn’t wish that offensive line on ANYone. Well, maybe Ben Roethlisberger.
; )

Ugh. Well, we’ll just have to see how it all goes down. Fortunately, win or lose the seasons only 17 weeks long plus a handful of play-off games (as in, less than 12…). How anyone has the stamina (or stomach) to follow baseball or basketball all year long is beyond me, though I know folks do it. I was hanging around with a bunch of “manly guys” a couple weeks ago (out on this side of the mountains that just means lots of bicycling and kayaking and camping…recreational outdoorsy stuff with the exception of hunting, in other words). And boy were they getting into it about baseball! And averages and hitting and slugging and crazy-ass stats and minor league players and trades and…

Barf. Too much info.

Give me a beer, and a loud stadium (but just once a week…I need the in between days to recover my voice and hearing). Give me big plays and a limited schedule. My attention span is only finite, after all, and I DO have other things to do with my free time…like gaming and writing and blogging, for example. I’ll be there and be present as often as I can (this year it looks like only five games out of eight), but you’ll have my whole attention while I’m there…I won’t be knitting in the stands, or waiting for the mascot with the t-shirt gun to come around.

[folks new to the blog may have missed last season’s occasional posts about the NFL and the Seahawks in particular…sorry. Watching football on Sundays has been in my Top 5 Favorite Things for a loooong time, and it would take a frightfully ENORMOUS amount of “suck” to get me to stop watching. Hell, maybe not even then…after all, I’m still playing D&D despite all its suck changes over the years]


  1. Actually, the season starts Thursday night when my Vikings go down to Nalins and Favre gets drilled half a dozen times and Brett re-re-re-retires on Friday.

  2. I should probably refrain from mentioning that I'm a Steelers fan.

    (If it makes you feel any better, that means I get the Pirates, too.)

  3. @ Scott: You ain't the only Steelers fan that reads my blog (I should mention, that my non-gaming buddy has talked me into participating in his fantasy football league for the last four years...this season I drafted Big Ben just so I could sit his dumb ass on the bench all year and not let anyone else benefit from him. Guess I'm a little vindictive). By the way, prior to 2006? The Steelers were my second favorite team (and I would gladly take Bill Cowher over Pete Carroll as a coach).

    @ Grat Sax: Right you are my friend...but the season doesn't start for ME till Seahawks Sunday!

    Good luck to EVERYONE's favorite team (well, except for the 49ers).
    : )