Thursday, September 16, 2010

And Speaking of Spanish Speaking Countries...

...check out this review of my B/X Companion on a Spanish blog!

Of course, you'll have to understand Spanish (my wife tells me it's a pretty good review). But what's MORE interesting to me is the guy has over 360 followers! That pretty much blows away all but the Top 3 on Cyclopeatron's recent list of top ranked OSR blogs (I'm only #11, dammit).

What I want to know come I haven't had more sales in Espana? Do I need to print a translation in Spanish? Wow, that idea is just...daunting.


  1. "La Marca del Este" is a strong reference in the internet RPG Spanish scene. It's owners opinions and comments are usually highly regarded.

    Unfortunately, being in English and selling through Internet are both factors that limit some Spanish potential costumers.

    On the other hand, "Old-School Renaissance" is reaching Spain (helped by the "La Marca del Este" RPG, Embelyon RPG -Micolite-, or the WotC Red Box), so there is some change you see more sales from here.

    All things considered, you should bear in mind that RPG internet Spanish market is quite small.

  2. @ Quim: Thanks for the good information. I wasn't REALLY complaining...but it would be cool to have my books in more countries, regardless.

    One of these days I DO hope to be fluent in Spanish...maybe I'll publish some translations, myself...
    ; )