Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Hope everyone's having a good one!
: )

[ugh, Seahawks. Not quite as bad as the Huskies, but damn...]

I'll try to write a little bit tonight while waiting for trick-or-treaters to arrive at my door. Had two parties last night and am content to sit around watching TV today...


  1. Hope you got to watch some good movies today. Lots of fun stuff, this time of year. Steelers are one now, but after the game, it's more monster time.

    Happy Holiday :-)

  2. Try being in Minnesota!

    The Gophers and the Vikings.

    1-8 and 2-5.

  3. Yeah, it was pretty much a football massacre weekend where I was concerned. Seahawks... wince. Mizzou... wince and cry.

    I guess there was one glimmer of hope... Auburn didn't fall victim to the "Hey, we're ranked #1, let's throw a game" curse vs. Ole Miss. yay!

  4. @ Everyone: As my wife told me tonight, "Can't we just not talk about it? Let the wound scab over and heal?" It was rough. If the 'Hawks O-Line doesn't get their shit together, Hasselbeck doesn't stand a chance against the Giants' front four. Holy many QBs have they injured this year already?!