Monday, October 4, 2010

Back in the U.S. of A.

Well, Texas, actually, which many folks both in AND outside of the state will tell you is NOT exactly the same thing.

However, it IS (officially) U.S. soil which means that I have beat the scare-monger's odds and NOT got blown-up in some sort of international travel incident...though I almost had some pewter olive picks (in the shape of Toledo swords) confiscated in Madrid. ALMOST...they must have decided I looked "mostly harmless" and allowed me to re-pack 'em back in my carry on (little did the pilots know I was deadly with the throwing toothpick!). Once we got to Dallas, I checked them (along with my Toledo sword) so that I wouldn't have to worry about it with American security...they have a notoriously low threshold for humor on such matters.

Yes, I AM bringing my blade back with me, rather than mailing it. It made it to Dallas without damage, we'll see if it gets all the way to SeaTac. I am hopeful...but then I am NOT traveling Continental this trip (which has had a history of losing luggage).


Anyhoo, though it may not look like it, I DID do some blogging on the flight over from Spain. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to the internet, so these various thoughts will get posted up over the next few hours. People may begin resuming orders of the B/X Companion without fear...while my "secondary mail service" (AKA my house-sitting brother) was able to mail out half-a-dozen packages for me this week, I will be resuming mail operations manana (I ain't going into work till Wednesday).

: )

***EDIT: Oh, yeah...and apparently while I was in the air, Mr. Maliszewski gave a fairly positive review of my B/X Companion over at Grognardia. That's pretty cool; check it out when you have a chance!****


  1. Congratulations on the glowing review!

  2. One time I returned to the States through SeaTac and they were on me from the second I checked into the airport. Dogs on my luggage, taken aside, put in the little room to strip down. After that, AAA and coming back through LAX and no problems. I really hate SeaTac.

  3. The review made me want to buy it, but I don't buy physical gaming books anymore, and read them mostly on my netbook. Any ETA on a PDF version? Note: I'd probably pay the same amount for a PDF, it's not the price I balk at, I just don't have shelf space for books I will only read idly (but want to read badly, nonetheless!)


  4. @ N. Wright & Pal: Thanks! The support for the book has been pretty good, and I WAS pleased with how it turned out myself. I'm glad folks are finding it to their taste!

    @ Ancientvaults: Living in Seattle, I take SeaTac a LOT and I have never had anything like that happen (on the other hand, my point of entry from other countries has generally been through other airports). Personally I like it AND the free public problems this time around. On the other hand, every time I've been through LAX (which my wife and I avoid like the plague) we've ended up missing connecting flights due to that nightmare C-F!

    @ Colin: the book will be available as a pdf at some point in the future, but there's no ETA as of yet. Stay tuned, however!