Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Absolute Awesome

And speaking of the positive things in life: I am currently watching the CNN where the trapped Chilean miners are finally being brought back up to the surface. The first guy just emerged about 10 minutes ago...after being underground for 69 days! Holy crap!

I can hardly imagine going through such an ordeal myself...congrats to all the miners and their families for hanging in there for so long. I can only hope Oprah gives them each a car or something.

[if I WAS buried alive for a couple months, I would personally hope I was stranded with a copy of B/X and a set of dice...]

Wow...what a great cooperative effort to get this escape tunnel drilled. Man...all my hopes for a full and speedy recovery to those guys (and their families) as they convalesce and recuperate from their ordeal.

In the words of my Islamic brethren, God is Great!

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