Tuesday, October 5, 2010

B/X Companion: SOLD OUT!!!

As of October 5th, 13:14 PDT, the B/X Companion has officially sold out its first print run...although, there IS still a copy down at Gary's Games in Seattle (checked this afternoon).

Since the orders continue to come in (yes, I am actually officially OVER-SOLD) I will be ordering a 2nd print run this week. The 2nd run will have corrections to certain typos (notably the word "horde" will generally be replaced with the word "hoard" in most instances) as well as adding the TM symbol to Labyrinth Lord mentioned in the Foreword.

Oh, yeah...and I'll be correcting the single actual game errata I've found in the book (the Banshee should be listed as Hit Dice: 7**...many of the books were "hand corrected" by me before being mailed).

I'd like to thank everyone who helped line my pockets and enabling the financing of a 2nd print run by buying the book...especially those first interested people who bought the thing BEFORE the reviews started coming in. I'd like to thank James Maliszewski of Grognardia for talking it up (even though he hasn't yet purchased his own copy, his review yesterday got me a score of new customers that helped put me over the top). Most especially, I'd like to thank my wonderful artists whose contributions helped make my words pretty to look at, and whose fine work transformed my scribbled thoughts into an actual honest-to-goodness game.

Of course, my family gets a shout out, too, for their love and support.

It's funny, folks...I put together a 64 page game over many months, and by no means did it make me rich nor famous...but, damn, it's immensely satisfying. Really...thanks to everyone who reads the ol' B/X Blackrazor. I hope you've found it entertaining (it's been fun for me writing it). I really, really, REALLY do plan on writing more stuff, and I hope that it is received at least half as well as the B/X Companion. THAT book was a true labor of love. I am 100% satisfied with how it turned out.

Well...except for the damn typos in the first print.
; )


  1. First off, congrats!

    Secondly, any chance of a PDF for sale?

  2. You might want to check the Rods/Staff/ Wand charges. i seem to remember there being a mistake in there (although I'm not near my books now.)

  3. Congrats. It's nice to see a labor of love pay off.

  4. Congratulations JB, you deserve it!

  5. @ Everyone: Thanks...again.

    @ Blue (in particular): I see what you're talking about. STAVES have 3-30 charges. Wands (only) have 2-20 charges. Thanks...I'll get it changed!

  6. I just ordered mine Monday evening. Can you clarify if I got it in on time or have to wait for the second print run?

  7. Congratulations!

    I was just looking at mine last night. Hmm, I'll have to look at Banshee HD when I get home.

    (sorry about the "hoard/horde" nipick in my review, it's a pet peeve. Like how Troll Lord's "Fields of Battle" consistently calls a "rout" a "route." gah! ;-) )

  8. @ Jason Vey of Pittsburgh: Your package is in the mail.
    : )

    @ Bighara: Hey, I have perfectionist tendencies myself...I WANT to fix these things for the 2nd print run. I appreciate the nitpick!

  9. Another quick thought for the next printing- would it be possible to widen the interior margin a little to make it possible to three-hole punch without clipping text?

  10. Congratulations on your success.

  11. Hey JB...
    Just to restate the question by Tim Brennan up above. Any chance of seeing a PDF for sale? I think your self-printed limited edition copies are great and don't knock the choice to avoid Lulu at all, but I think you're limited your market by not offering a digital version for those of us who prefer that, or can print our own. For myself, I'm not too interested in a $28 book I will read through for ideas but likely not play from too much, but I'll pony up $10 or so to read it after all the great reviews. Think it over!