Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary to Gary's Games!

It's already Thursday, and I keep forgetting to mention that this week celebrates the 20th anniversary of Gary's Games in Seattle...definitely my main shopping location since 1997 or so.

To celebrate (this is the important part of the post, folks) Gary's is running events all week long, each day a different theme, and each theme carrying a fat 20% discount on store items. Today, the theme is role-playing and story and all RPGs are 20% off (time to pick-up so OSR retro stuff...or perhaps Spirit of the Century, finally!). Friday it's card games that are featured and Saturday is board games, each with their own 20% discount day.

For obvious reasons, I don't know what day one would want to buy Gamma World 4E...

I'm not sure 20 years is any kind of record (I think the longest running game store in Seattle is probably American Eagle), but it sure is a loooong time. Remembering back to the game shops I have frequented since 1990, I can think of more than half a dozen that have fallen by the way-side over the same stretch...not to mention comic shops and book stores that carried a lot more than "just games." Of course, Gary's has its own "angle" for staying in business (no, I don't think they are in the habit of blackjacking their competition...), which you could probably figure out if you visited their web site:

Hmm. ; )

Anyway, tonight my usual Thursday night game moves out of the bar and into the neon light of brick-n-mortar wholesomeness. I still plan on getting my drink on before the game (but not a lot, Tim, I promise!) and have something decidedly dastardly planned. No, no...not B2 with guns (that's next week...) but something...well, I'm not going to give it away right now! Jeez! I just hope we get a couple more players than usual (I'm hoping for six or seven, but I'll settle for the five that have already expressed interest).

Now if only I can make it through the rest of work without dozing off...time to coffee up!
: )


  1. It's nice to know that Gary's has had so much longevity. I don't shop there much (prefering The Dreaming, or online ordering), but I do enjoy browsing through their used games once in a while.

    Over the decades I've lived in the NW, I can also recall a number of game shops that went by the wayside. Some great, some not so great. Sparks a little nostalgia.

  2. 20% off role-playing games? Crap. I've got tomorrow off and was thinking of sneaking down there. I wish rpgs were Friday instead of card games.