Monday, May 25, 2015


Call this an interlude.

So, it's Monday again and things are mostly "back to normal" round here (well, except that I'M still sick, but my coughing attacks mainly occurs at night and who needs sleep anyway?). This means I'm back to writing/blogging (see the blog post you're reading?)...and folks should expect a couple-four posts from me before the next weekend, as usual.

Of course, astute readers will see that there were posts going up on the blog all weekend long...that's because KLOANE WAR KNIGHTS, my supplement for Dave Bezio's X-Plorers, is already written (for the most part, anyway...still missing a table of contents and glossary). All I'm doing is serializing the thing, i.e. cutting-and-pasting manageable chunks into blog posts. I knocked out eight or so Friday night (hey, even cutting & pasting takes time), and scheduled 'em to post every 13 hours...the next one's supposed to go up this afternoon.

I'm thinking now that might be a little too fast for folks.

We are quickly approaching the sixth year anniversary of the old B/X Blackrazor blog...June 6th, 2009 is the dated entry of the first post, two sixes of days from now. That's a lot of time spent posting. Back in those days, I had a lot to say and a lot of excitement for what was going on, and I didn't care if I was inundating folks with posts. I started with a readership of one, after all (myself), and the advice I was provided by a buddy in this inter-web biz was to build some content. "Content is king," is specifically what I was told. Turns out it wasn't too hard, given the subject matter.

[my earlier blog that combined astrology and sports was a completely different story]

These days I'm...well, I wouldn't say I was especially sharper or more discerning with what I blog, but I'm a bit more aware of how this stuff works. Overwhelm folks with huge-ass posts in huge-ass numbers and there's a tendency to tune-out and come back later when the word flow has slowed down. So then, why am I churning out this series so quickly?

Because it's a lot of damn pages, that's why. And because I'm not a real patient that I've started publishing it (i.e. "making it public") I want it out there...all of it.

BUT, after consideration, I've decided to slow down the series. Expect one post on the subject per day. The series should still be finished before the end of June, and I'll continue other posting as well. But I think people need more time to digest the mind-candy I'm pushing. Otherwise, they'll just blink and ignore it.

With that in mind, folks who ARE anxiously looking forward to the next installment of KWN can expect the beginning of Chapter 2 tomorrow. Later, folks!
: )


  1. Heh. Fair enough JB. One a day is more than sufficient, as much as I want to see it all NOW. You need to have time to mix in other stuff too.
    Have a great Memorial Day. Celebrate a bit of home while you're down there.

    1. @ Reese:

      Yeah, my wife just reminded me of the holiday. Makes me wish I was back in Seattle (normally I would have spent at least 2-3 days at the annual Folklife Festival).