Monday, August 1, 2011

And now Lofa's gone?!

Lofa Tatupu will not be suiting up as a Seattle Seahawk this season.

It's difficult (for me anyway) to see exactly what the plan for the year is, unless it's being written off as a "re-building year," something Coach Carroll adamantly says is NOT the case. But I'll be curiousto see where the field leadership will come from now that we've axed both the offensive team captain (Hasselbeck) and the defensive team captain (Tatupu).

In other masochistic news, I did finish statting up the B/X PCs as D20 characters (with feats and skills) do this, I just chose options based on the PCs actions over the course of the campaign. For the most part, this means PCs may have less than "optimal" builds, but I still find it interesting to see, say, the halfling as a ranger with the acquired armor proficiency feats for medium and heavy armor (gotta' be able to sport that plate mail!).

Still, it looks like it was only a mental exercise as the players are still down with the B/X system.
; )


  1. I'd be pretty interested to see how Pendle turned out, if you got to him. 3E is probably my most familiar edition, though that doesn't make me any more inclined to want to play it... perhaps especially because generating a character is a fairly intimidating and time-consuming process.

  2. @ Greg:

    I'll probably get around to posting something in the next day or two.

  3. Hah, don't work on my account, man. I'm fully capable of doing the work myself, but if you already had it done...

  4. I'm one of those people who could happily spend an entire game session rolling up characters. I like digging into all the options in a chargen system like d20, but like my previous point re: point-buying abilities, I am compelled to munchkin even though I might prefer to go for a more original combination of skills, feats, etc.

    Interesting to think of playing d20 with the dm assigning skills and feats based on character actions...

  5. @ Josh: You're being too hard on yourself, man.

    Maybe I should post up 'elliphaino.
    ; )

  6. I'm hoping that Lofa will return like Big Play Babs did last year. After we cut Babineaux, he got no love on the free agent market. Humbled, he re-signed with us for a lower salary because having a job is better than being unemployed.

    I'm hoping Lofa comes back to us the same way. Would he rather play for the veteran minimum for some other team, or continue playing for us?

    On the other hand, given Seattle's obsession with youth, Lofa could be forgiven for assuming he doesn't have much of a future with the Seahawks.

    Bill Belichick likes savvy veteran linebackers, and Lofa grew up in New England...

  7. @ Brian: My understanding is Lofa is currently in negotiations with Chicago...