Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So I'm Heading Out to the Highway...

...actually, the skyway, as I shall be boarding a plane from SeaTac Friday evening. The fam is making our annual pilgrimage to Montana for the Labor Day holiday, and as we're not sure the baby will survive the 9 hour drive (or that we will survive the drive with the baby!) we've decided to fly. Which means a couple things:

A) I will either be getting a lot of reading done or (hopefully) a lot of writing done. No road trip means, I have a chance to unwind while someone else does the, flying.

B) I will be out of internet contact for a looooong while: they don't have free wifi at SeaTac and it's pretty tough to find it in the middle of The Big MT ("the big empty"). Don't expect much in the way of blog posts or email checking. Grandma lives in a cabin on Flathead Lake and she's never even learned how to turn her computer on (she has one, off in the corner, with a dust cover and about five years of dust last I saw it). Hey, I'm just glad she has electricity for powering the laptop.

I'm blowing off the Mox this Thursday (boo! hiss!), to do some packing and errands and such so you won't see anymore DCC breakdowns either...unless I get around to penning this piece on the magic system as observed. Hmmm...

All right I've got to go. Talk to y'all in a bit.
; )


  1. Have a good one, man. I've spent the summer visiting my brother and his wife in the mountains above Lincoln. Got a genny and a wireless modem, so I've been connected. Surely is nice up here...

  2. Dude, don't scare me like that! ChicagoWiz posted his "Gone riding..." post yesterday, saying farewell (maybe) to the RPG blogosphere, and the title of this post seemed similar to me in a "hitting the road, so long" kind of way! I was wondering of we were going to see a mass exodus of bloggers or something!

  3. I'd be curious to see if you save much (if any) time going by plane. Our last 2.5hr flight actually took 7.5 hours door-to-door. Add all the liquid/toiletry restrictions and it starts to look even better for the Griswold family vacation :)