Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Character Conversion: Pendle Elori

[per Greg's request...and by the way, this would have been posted yesterday if I'd been able to access the internet even once last evening...sorry!]


Pendle Elori (Neutral Cleric)

Level 4 Vicar (XP 7,492)
STR 12, INT 9, WIS 16, DEX 14, CON 10, CHA 11
AC 0, HPs 18, THAC0 18 (Mace), Damage D6+1
Saves: Poison/Death 11/9, Wands 10, Paralysis/Stone 12, Breath 16, Spells 13
Spells: 1st Level – 2, 2nd Level – 1
Plate mail, Shield +1, Mace +1


Pendle Elori (Neutral Human)

Level 4 Cleric (XP 9,820)
STR 12, DEX 14, CON 10, INT 9, WIS 16, CHA 12
AC 21, HPs 22, BAB +3 (Mace +5, Damage D8+2)
Saves: Fortitude +4, Reflexes +3, Will +7
Spells: 1st Level – 4+1, 2nd Level – 3+1
Feats: Combat Casting, Extra Turning, Skill Focus (Knowledge: Religion)
Skills: Concentration 7 (+11), Knowledge: Religion 7 (+8)
Full Plate, Light Steel Shield +1, Heavy Mace +1

Conversion Notes: In my own B/X game I allow PCs full hit points at 1st level, as does D20. Total hit points were increased by 2 for 1st level (max 8 for a D20 cleric) + 1 extra per level (average hps per die in D20 is 4.5 versus 3.5 in B/X). Skills and feats were chosen based on character action: Pendle doesn't spend much time wading into battle but does get "stuck-in" when it comes to healing folks in melee (hence the combat casting and concentration). Finally, Elori is constantly asking for information regarding the religious meanings and dictates of the various shrines and temples he comes across...both in-town and on adventure sites, leading me to give him the listed knowledge skill (along with skill focus to off-set his deficient INT score). His bonus ability point was added to CHA to make his turning more effective, and extra turning chosen to make sure he had plenty of daily attempts with this ability. Pendle was actually one of the easier conversions and even had gear roughly equivalent to that of a 4th level D20 character. I left off the majority of his non-magical gear.

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  1. I like how the feats and skills chosen were due to actual play decisions of the player. Very cool and "organic", and it eliminates all of the up-front feat and skill choosing, which can make d20 character generation seem more like taxes than fun (especially if you try to create a replacement character during a session).

  2. Very interesting conversion. I followed more or less the same approach, and it works quite well.
    But in any case, when I start a campaign, I only allow players to choose the example characters in the PHB, so the feats and spells are already allocated, and they only need to pick a number of skills (whose ranks are already fixed.) It's almost as fast as creating a B/X character. There is no point in wasting time if the PCs are going to die in the first session!