Tuesday, May 3, 2011


...so I mentioned (very briefly) to Mike that I am now running a D&D game with a bit of a rep as a player killer and now HE wants in on the action.

Bunch of masochists these players. Hope he tries that ranger-shit so I can pull his legs off.
; )

Ugh...I don't know if I really want to extend the invitation. He IS kind of a big nerd (one of those Sounders fan-types). We'll see if Luke had his baby yet or not.

Descisions, decisions...and now I've got to run to catch my bus to work!

***Post title edited...I'm sure Jesus has more important things to weep over.***


  1. Luke's baby girl was born yesterday afternoon!

  2. @ Josh: Yay! Um...are you saying I SHOULD invite Mike? I don't know, man...I've already got one St. Louis-born, 1974 Libra at the table. Do we really need another?
    ; )