Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cheap-Ass Miniatures

I stopped into Gary's Games today to see if I could pick up some "cheap-ass miniatures" for my Thursday night game. They pointed me to the perfect purchase:

For $10, it sure beats the hell out of using those glass beads one picks up from Pier One by the jarful. Now the only question is: Will 100 zombies be enough?

Hmm...I just remembered the party cleric was killed by a mountain lion during the last session (dang claw-claw-bite attack). That could pose a bit of a dilemma. Hmm....

Must remember to check characters' movement rates next session.

[currently flattening battle mat...wasn't sure if a hot iron would melt it; thought best not to even try...]


  1. I've been so temped i the past to pick those bag of zombies up, but never have. They also have chick zombies and dog zombies. Maybe if I ever get back into minis . . . :)

    - Ark

  2. If only I had enough dog zombies in the adventure...
    ; )

  3. Nothing better than a giant bag o' zombies.

  4. For flattening battle mats: pinning it from one end, so the weight hangs vertically, and then warming it up with a hair dryer can help.

  5. As I recall they make a version of those that glow in the dark. I think they are the same price but am not sure. The glow could be used in a MF game to represent radiation.

  6. They also made martians and a bag of skeletons.

  7. @Nate

    TWO giant bags o' zombies?

    I bought one of those years ago. They got out. Now, every so often, I find one of the buggers in some odd place.

  8. The Zombies!!! board game they were made for is a ton of fun. Been meaning to pick up my own copy for some time now. It comes with a bunch o zombies, and also four (or was it six?) Ash figures for player pieces.