Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Campaign and Conquest

Unlike the last post, this one IS game related.

Sorry for the delay with this...I would have had it up yesterday, but was having trouble with my Mediafire access. All fixed now.

The Glenn at the Seeking Wing's recent enthusiasm for my one page microgame, War of the Mecha inspired me to whip up yet another supplement for the mecha mayhem, this one entitled War of the Mecha III: Campaign and Conquest. It provides rules for running an on-going campaign (planetary assault in this case) with specific mission objectives, victory scenarios, and rules for promotion in rank (as well as being busted down for failure). Fully compatible with War of the Mecha and WotM II: Clan Invasion! this game provides only additional rules, not revisions or changes. If you don't like the original, you'll have to make your own house rules! You can download it here:

Glenn: You are responsible for coming up with your own "combined arms" rules for armored vehicles, infantry, and air support. I think I'm creatively "tapped out" for now!
; )

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  1. Oh, wow. That is good. The way you did the PC/NPC thing wouldn't have occurred to me. I gotta go meditate on the excellence of all this. And thanks again.