Monday, May 16, 2011

How 'Bout A New Poll?

So, Saturday I had my interview with the Save or Die podcast people. Fortunately, it was not "live" and they will be editing it prior to broadcast in a couple weeks. UNfortunately, I still managed to stick my foot in my mouth and/or ramble on more than was quite necessary on several questions. Hopefully their editing will make me sound like less of a simpering idiot/arrogant bastard...but I'm not too hopeful.

ANYway, one area in which I wish I'd stayed a little more tight-lipped was on my upcoming, as yet unnamed (here anyway), B/X supplement. Well, unnamed till the interview...they backed me into a corner! Ugh! Well, we'll just have to talk more about it on the blog in the next week or so. Brian, I hope that cover art is almost done!
; )

I suppose it's time to give folks a little taste of what they'll be finding in the book, so as a "bone" for my readers, I'll offer one of the spell-casting classes for perusal as a downloadable .pdf (the spell lists make them too long to just throw up as a blog post). There's a new poll posted to the blog (over on the right) for people to vote on which class they want to see. You've got a few days to consider and vote.

Oh, can still purchase the B/X Companion. The PayPal button has just been moved down under the poll.
: )


  1. I am contractually obligated to say "witch" in any poll I see. ;)

  2. I'm sadly not seeing the poll. I see where it should be, but the area is blank.

    Is it not working right now, or is there maybe something wrong with my browser?

  3. @ Tim: I know...I already did a mental count of your vote.

    @ Martin: It must be your browser. I can see it and it's got almost 40 votes so far.

  4. I'm thinking witch. I'm making a class, so I think it might provide some insight into other viewpoints.

  5. Can't wait to hear the interview! The SODcast is one of my favorites!

  6. Don't sweat it, JB. I'm sure your interview will sound vastly better than youre imagining it will. ;) Can't wait to hear it!