Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tomorrow's "To Do" List

Actually TODAY's "To Do" list (seeing as it's 2:45am).

Turned out only one of the nephews made it over this weekend, due to a family emergency with the younger (he's in the hospital...medium-length story, but end result is he'll be just fine). As a result, did NOT have a chance to run a D&D game, either with WHite Plume Mountain OR UK1:Beyond the Crystal Cave. Hopefully next weekend we'll all have a chance to get together.

I did watch a LOT of television, mainly NFL play-off games (sorry, in case you haven't noticed from snippets here and there, this is the pro-sport I truly give a shit about, though I DO like the Seattle Sounders pro soccer team). And tomorrow there will be more of the same. While it's sad to see Warner go bye-bye, at least there's no more question as to which "old man" I'll be cheering for in the NFC race (go Vikes).

As for game playing, there was quite a bit though only of the Apples to Apples, Jenga, and Magic card variety. Mucho fun, and a nice break from the D&D which may have been burning me out a little (and right now, I am blaming "burn-out" for my lack of production). However, tomorrow I WILL be doing some stuff, if only for the sake of my collaborator, the good Doctor. He's anxious/excited to get to work on inking my maps and (wow) paining the cover of me module...but to start all these he requires MY sketches. So the sketch pad will be used WHILE watching tomorrow's NFL games, so that I can get something to him in the mail this week.

That's the To Do list anyway: 4 maps (2 are simple lairs), 1 cover sketch. That's the goal by the end of Sunday. We'll see if this bleeds over to Monday (I've got the day off work...and good thing, too, as I'm still coughing a bit).

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