Saturday, January 30, 2010

Don't Mind Me...I Just Hurt

I am in pain. Real, physical pain.

Went to yoga yesterday for the first time since October 27th 2008 (I checked). Oh, man...I am overweight and out-o-shape. I can barely bend over to feed the dogs (though part of the stiffness might be that it's 5:30 in the morning). Ugh...I hurt all over...damn, even that part of the throat under the chin.

I am also in a bit of mental anguish. I forgot to mention that Kenzer and Co. provided me with a copy of Hackmaster Basic for review. Those of you who've followed my recent posts on game design Axioms with interest (not all that many, as readership dropped off this week!) may be curious as to how my thoughts on the matter are going to apply to my judgement of the new book.

Mmm...I'm not going to put down my first impression just yet.

This weekend will be one sans football (not really into the Pro Bowl...hard to get excited about a game the players aren't excited about), so I'll be taking the time to read HMB a little closer before providing a post. At close to 200 pages, this might take awhile.

Not that I'm in any shape to move around much anyway....


  1. Blech--the Pro Bowl. The best time to be a Detroit Lions fan are the months of March to July (although they get their chance to blow it in the draft). I'll be interested in your review of Hackmaster Basic.

  2. They gave me a copy, too. It will be interesting to see your reactions compared to mine.

  3. I cannot wait to read your impressions on HMB. I thought it had some very strong points but was a poorly written rulebook from an editing point of view. I am the one who sent you the recent email about skill systems, and I suspect you are going to have a field day with the one in HMB.

  4. I pre-ordered HMB, see my blog for review and some analysis of the dice mechanics (but not until you've read and reviewed!). Some real stealable bits for certain styles of crunchier games. First to go are build points and skills.

  5. I'm pilfering several of the crunchier combat bits to work into my house rules for OSRIC/D&D games. There is some good stuff in there, but character creation is a bit of a maze and can take a while, IMHO.

  6. @ Rusty: I have a friend who is a diehard Detroit fan (he only happens to live in the Northwest because he's stationed on a Nuke sub), and I know how frustrating you guys have it. Keep the faith!

    @ Everyone: I'm surprised so many of you are interested in seeing my review of HMB. I'll do my best, folks.

  7. Great! I look forward to your review. I've been toying with the idea of getting it, but haven't done it yet.

    As far as the Pro Bowl goes. Pllltttt. Just name the players that made the team and let that be it.