Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So My Wife Can Make Boxes…

I feel so ridiculous. I sometimes forget that while my wife is both artistic AND crafty (especially when it comes to dominoes!) she is also extremely arts-n-craftsy (not the same thing as the former two). In discussing my Companion project on the way to the airport this morning, turns out she knows all about constructing boxes.

“It’s easy,” says she. Ugh!

Again, this is my own dumb-dumbness that has led me to waste a bunch of time. I never bothered to broach the subject because…well, frankly “interested” is not the adjective I’d use to describe my wife’s relation to the project. “Tolerant” might be better, possibly even “supportive.” But an enthusiastic collaborator? Well, not really.

But she’s getting better (I think MY enthusiasm might be a bit contagious). She’s even offered to do some artwork for me (yes, my wife does a bit of everything), though when I asked her about this three or four months back she was very reluctant on the subject. Now though, she’s willing to give it a shot (she doesn’t do fantasy art and says she’s “terrible with noses” but is willing to wing it).

Oh and yeah, the box thing. Apparently, putting together paperboard boxes is the height of simplicity once one has a template to mimic, which is easy to come by (pull apart an existing box you like). As far as doing the cover art, her printer at work can do large labels that can be cut and folded over the box top…there’s even a tool you can pick up at the Paper Zone that can be used to curl the label under, making the box look very professional…or so she assures me (and I’ve learned to trust my wife over the years).

So box issue solved, apparently. I’m still planning on checking out the Specialty Packaging place today, but now it seems I can move onto bigger fish to fry…like the cover, for example. My wife pointed out to me (again, this morning in the car…should have talked to her earlier!) that the cover is NOT a simple matter of doing a color print on 11x17 card stock (my original plan). For one thing, printers need margins and unless I plan on doing a “white” background (I had NOT intended that), I will need to have the cover professionally printed and cut to the correct specifications. Oh boy.

On the other hand, she now seems on board with paying to do a print run…oh boy!

Unfortunately, the one thing I neglected to talk to her about was getting the scanner synched with my Mac so I can start uploading my own art pieces. However, in texting her (prior to her plane’s take-off) she assured me that I should be able to do this myself if I can download the software on-line (huh? “Download?” Wha--?). Maybe I can get her to walk me through it tonight…

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany. In Mexico, this is celebrated as “Wise Men Day,” when children leave out their shoes for the Three Kings to bring them gifts (this is as close as they got to American Christmas/Santa until the last few years). I am a fortunate man to have such a loving wife that can shower me with the gift of her knowledge. Man, I hope I can use the next few days to good advantage!

Salud y felicidades, amigos!
: )


  1. I have no idea how Macs work with new equipment. Most current PCs will automatically detect a new item, like a scanner, and install the drivers. If plugging the scanner into the computer gets no result, do a google search for your scanner (model #, etc) with keywords like install, driver, Mac

  2. I'm planning on making my own box sometime soon as well. Coincidentally enough my better half also knows how to make boxes and showed me how...

  3. I just noticed the labels for this post...LOL!

    Have fun and good luck mis amigo!