Friday, January 8, 2010

New Poll: Check It Out

Just trying to get some feedback...I'm going to finish the project regardless, but I might as well get the bad news now, rather than wait for later! Oh, and the poll doesn't close till February, so it's totally okay to change your vote...
: )

Love all you folks!


  1. I'm "interested", but my budget for the past few years, and next few years, is -0-, so I won't be buying it. I'm hoping to keep getting Knockspell by contributing articles, but that's about it for "for sale" items.

  2. I'd have to hear a review of how it compares and contrasts with the other B/X companion already available in .pdf for free.

  3. JB, I am sure it will be great. Just let me know when it will be out.

  4. While I would love a box set, the postage to Australia would no doubt be a killer. To be brutally honest, it would be way too much to spend on an item I probably wouldn't use, not in its entirety anyway, though I would no doubt cherry pick ideas for my game.

    I would however buy it as a pdf.

  5. As much as I dig the idea of the boxed set, I don't have my original boxes. I would want all three, ya know? So, my interest would be in a pdf.

    @restless: Any chance of a link to this free one you speak of? or some hints as to where I might look? Blackrazor here is all I can find with my weak google fu.

  6. @drcheckmate
    You'll find it here:

    It's called the Companion Expansion. I'm more than happy to have both of them. :)

  7. I agree! Sounds like JB has something different in store for us, and I look forward to maybe using both.

    (And thanks!)