Monday, June 15, 2009

Out 'Razored...

Dyson's blog just added a neat post about the Seven Swords of Kale, a tract on the sibling blades of Blackrazor. Unlike the kin of Stormbringer (Mournblade, etc.) from the Moorcock books, they share neither the shape nor abilities of Blackrazor, though a similar coloration (black, of course) and desire for slaying Lawful-types.

Just want to say a couple things:

#1 Great idea for a B/X campaign theme! Find the blades, wield the blades, destroy the blades, use them for their intended specific purposes. It's not always that a DM will allow a blade like Blackrazor into a campaign...and for good reason! Besides being a potential game breaker, adding unique artifacts can upstage most of the players in a gaming group...if one guy wields Blackrazor, the campaign may start well being about that guy. Much to the chagrin of the other players. With multiple weapons available, Blackrazor isn't necessarily so unique and other player characters may acquire the other blades.

#2 I've been lax in my own Blackrazor postings...I should have already had this idea, dammit! Here I am reminiscing about gladiators and writing alternate combat rules when I should really be focusing on the title weapon of my blog! soon as I make sure the beagles are settled for the morning, I shall be heading down to the coffee shop to blog at length.


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