Monday, June 22, 2009

Free RPG Day...

...and I completely missed it.  Jeez!

I was actually in my local, participating game store Saturday and (in my defense) they never mentioned Free RPG Day, and I completely forgot about it!   Too busy with my new purchase, I guess.

However, I went back to the game store today (told you it was a long weekend), and was able to pick up a little swag: 

  • Bonus Bestiary by Pathfinder featuring some old AD&D monsters now written up for D20 (no big whoop, since I no longer play D20, but I may use them as inspiration for B/X monsters).
  • Quickstart Rules and Adventure for White Wolf's Geist the Sin-Eaters. What the f---? This is the "7th storyteller game set in the World of Darkness?"  I thought that was the Hunters Hunted? Or Demon? Or the Prometheans? Or something my count there's been at least nine games set in WoD if you count Mummy and Hunter as two separate games and NOT counting Eastern Vamps or the latest Changeling.  Ah, well...I stopped playing WW a loooooong time ago.
  • A 24 page quick-start version of Paranoia.  I've never owned any edition of Paranoia, though I've played the original, but I tell you THIS is how they should sell the a quick little pamphlet, easily digested and with plenty of holes for UV gamemasters to fill in the rest.  Paranoia just begs to be "Sweded" in an Old School way.  Who needs all those other rules to blast mutant communists?

In addition to the free stuff, I picked up a used copy of Albedo, Second Edition for $6 and I don't want anyone to give me shit about it.  I got the Platinum Catalyst version six months back, and it has some of the finest rules for modeling straight-up war in an RPG that I've yet seen...only problem is PC Albedo doesn't provide vehicle combat rules (a gross oversight), and the 2nd edition (an actually earlier edition) does.  For $6 I'm willing to check it out and shoehorn old rules.  And, no, I do not have a "fuzzy" fetish...and I don't think fans of Rocket Raccoon, TMNT, or Howard the Duck do either...

All in all, a pretty good haul from "Ye Old Game Shoppe" this weekend.  

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