Saturday, June 6, 2009

Introduction: Welcome to the Void!

Here you may find yourself lost in countless hours of old school reminiscing and interesting (and tedious) thoughts regarding the hobby of role-playing which I mean table-top RPGs, not the computer variety originally inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and its brethren.

Having been a looooong time player and collector of RPGs, I feel I have plenty to express on the subject; though whether or not others will find my musings interesting or useful food for thought is anyone's guess (I am not so arrogant as to suppose I am offering anything more than others on the web, but the fact that I'm taking the time to start this blog should demonstrate some sincerity).

However, this blog is truly more for my own entertainment...and the edification of my memories!...than for any other reason.  I have been greatly inspired of late by the Old  School Renaissance blogs I've been reading (especially Grognardia and Ode to Black Dougal), and I figured I wanted to join in the discussion.  For those interested, I've posted selected links to several of these blogs.  I hope the authors consider this a compliment...I do!

Anyway, welcome to my musings.  Hopefully you won't be lost to the Void!

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